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First, we train and assign your own team of agents. They exclusively work one group of accounts, so you have the same people answering your phones every day. Your phones can be forwarded to a local number or an 800 number which will ring to our command center. Each call is identified before the phone even rings. Pro Reservations keeps a detailed database on your limo company which pops the moment we receive a call. We see your company profile, where you are located, your limo company name, fleet info, special bulletins, limo fleet pricing, and limo charter packages, anything you feel it’s important to have in front of us to properly represent your limousine company.

We sell your services, quote your products, take reservations, changes and cancellations right into your limousine software or into ours. You get an email notifying you of every new limo reservation, every change, every message and every action we take so you can follow up on your time schedule. We will call you in the event of any short notice or urgent situation.

We can perform every limo reservation and dispatch function you can, just as if we were sitting in your office. But you’ll pay only for the time you actually use! Best of all, your clients will never know they are talking to us, instead of talking to you.

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